Temp Staffing / Contractual Staffing

Pre-screening and Testing

All employees database on our payroll have is carefully screened for their skills & capabilities. Client doesn't need to refer go through long interview process – Hiring Head will complete the process for you.

Straightforward Billing

Hiring Heads will bill clients monthly. The quotations are pre-approved before we depute employee's on client site. Client don't need to pay directly to employees. Hiring Heads will send you invoices & once same is clear, we will process employee's salaries.

No Obligation to Hire

When you use Siyaya Placements staff recruitment services, you are under no obligation to hire one of our temporary employees. While we are confident that we will be able to find a suitable candidate, you are not restricted from advertising the position elsewhere.

Staffing (Temping) is outsourcing of Manpower

  • Temping is the process of hiring temporary workers or, as they are called - Temps, for a Specific duration of time or for a particular project and remain in the company till the project lasts. The temps work for one Client Company while being on rolls of a third party.
  • Offers a variety of services including temporary hiring, temporary to permanent placement, long term & contract help
  • Responsibility for recruitment, payroll & benefits, statutory compliances & employee services.

Advantage of Temp Staffing / Contractual Staffing

  • Focus on core business activities
  • Flexible process
  • Addresses headcounts limitations only
  • Just in time workforce
  • Control long term employment costs
  • Improved competitiveness
  • Shrink HR Costs - No Statutory Liabilities & obligations On Customer end. i.e Payroll, Benefits, Training & Sourcing
  • Better Employee – Employer Relations
  • Temporary to permanent possibility- to Get/Retain the best Talent on your roll
  • Access to strong database of candidates

Unique Features:

  • Quick turn around time
  • Excellent network to hire local candidates
  • Vast database
  • One point contact to clients for easy coordination
  • Customized Hiring Solutions


  • Assess client requirement
  • Source and Screen
  • Fit Gap Analysis
  • Behavioural and Communication Assessment
  • Reference Check


The concept of achieving Best Possible Fit underpins the Hiring Heads's approach to recruitment The benefits to your organisation of pursuing a Best Possible Fit approach to recruitment are:

  • Large pool of potential candidates
  • The identification of candidates who have the potential to be effective in a role early in tenure
  • Open roles can be filled more quickly thereby reducing costs

Each job profile is tailored to identify the fit between a candidate's capabilities and the specific demands of a job.




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